Magellan's trio of MiVue DashCam devices including the MiVue 508, MiVue 538, MiVue 638, and MiVue 658 provide 1080P full-HD recording, impact sensors, a rotating camera, and other features.

The MiVue 508 offers features such as a bright anti-glare F lens, wide angle lens, event recording mode, parking mode, camera mode, and MiVue manager interface.

The MiVue 538 adds GPS tracking with a built-in receiver that records driving information with a location and time stamp.

The MiVue 638 adds a 2.7-inch touch screen and 150-degree wide-angle lens to capture peripheral views.

The MiVue 658 adds integrated Wi-Fi to share videos to a smartphone, and the Companion MiVue app to provide video back-up to a smartphone.

The devices will be available in August and retail for $149.99 for the MiVue 508, $169.99 for the MiVue 538, $199.99 for the MiVue 638, and $249.99 for the MiVue 658.