McNeilus Truck & Manufacturing, Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation company, introduced an Organics Package available for all McNeilus rear loaders. McNeilus created the organics option to address growing customer interest, and it fits any McNeilus rear loader, including trucks already in service.

The package features a standard 40-gallon leachate tank that captures and contains the liquids common to food and organic waste, as well as a drain port, for easier disposal. This leachate tank is also available in 50-, 60- and 90-gallon options.

Other exclusive features of the Organics Package include sweep panel seals, with brush skirting, to help hold in liquid as organic material is compacted. Load edge extensions increase the height of the hopper opening and further protect against leaking, along with an extended tailgate seal that runs along the full length of the tailgate.

The Organics Package is available as an option for any McNeilus rear loader and can also be retrofitted to existing fleets. An additional option are Excalibre slide and sweep cylinders that offer top protection against hydraulic contamination that can be caused by organic material.