Iowa Mold Tooling Co.'s (IMT) 28562 hydraulic loader offers customers another option for the handling of palletized materials for building supply and construction uses.

The IMT 28562 hydraulic loader features the highest rating in the IMT lineup at 161,490 ft.-lbs. It has a maximum lift capacity of 5,700 lbs., up to 62 feet 3 inches of horizontal reach, and a maximum vertical reach of 71 feet 4 inches. The loader is capable of lifting 2,400 lbs. at its maximum horizontal reach.

A 22-ft. hydraulic out-and-down stabilizer span provides stability for loading and unloading palletized goods, while a high lift-to-weight ratio allows for maximum payload on the truck.

The IMT 28562 loader includes a standard RCL (rated capacity limiter) 5300 system, which blocks load-increasing functions when full capacity is reached. The loader’s standard radio remote control comes equipped with an information center that provides continuous feedback on load moment and operation conditions.

Additional features of the new IMT 28562 loader include:

  • 420-degree rack and pinion rotation.
  • A rotation system that operates in a continuous oil bath to reduce friction and enhance life.
  • A standard oil cooler to extend hydraulic system longevity.
  • A counterbalance valve on each cylinder to stop motion in case of a hose failure.