Rotary Lift's modular, environmentally friendly, heavy-duty inground lift, the MOD35 Series, offers improved lifting capacity, patent-pending pendant controls, and reduced installation costs.

The modular design of the MOD35 inground lift enables it to be customized for multiple applications and locations. It is available with two or three multi-stage hydraulic cylinders to provide lifting capacity of 70,000 to 105,000 lbs.

The new pendant-only control comes standard with every MOD35 inground lift, allowing technicians to operate the lift from anywhere in the bay for more efficient spotting and lifting. The pendant’s joystick controls provide infinite variable speed control for positioning, raising, and lowering the lift, as well as fine adjustment. Rotary Lift’s pendant has been Class 1 Division 2 certified for use all the way down to the ground.

Other features of the MOD35 include:

  • New slip clutch chain drive design
  • New abrasion-resistant hose guide
  • New control features
  • VEC Equalization and Control System
  • Clear floor design