Stant Corporation, a developer and manufacturer of automotive fuel systems, fuel caps, radiator caps, and thermostats, announced its next generation of automotive fuel caps.

Equipped with Stant’s new SureClick technology, the new line has improved sealing robustness in addition to ease-of-use advancements that provide safety benefits and enhance user satisfaction, according to the manufacturer.

An appropriate fuel cap is necessary to pass state emission tests and to prevent the costly loss of gasoline – up to 22 gallons yearly – due to evaporation, according to Stant. In addition, caps prevent fuel spillage in the event of an accident.

Stant’s fuel caps feature a “Breakaway Groove” that allows the caps to absorb damage in a crash without breaking the seal and the “PreVent” system that reduces the risk of hazardous pressure build up inside the gas tank.

SureClick assures the critical fuel cap sealing function is completely independent of the consumer installation effort, thereby eliminating a potential cause of vehicle warranty problems, according to Stant.

SureClick technology also provides the user with consistent positive audio feedback confirming correct fuel cap installation. These features, in addition to the traditional benefits of a Stant fuel cap, ensure better safety and reliability than caps without them can provide.

For customers with unique demands, Stant can offer customized solutions that retain these benefits. Fuel caps that enable vehicles to LEV I, LEV II, PZEV, LEVIII, OBD II and FMVSS 301 requirements are all available.