Code 3 introduced its new Z3 Siren for police vehicles. The siren is designed to be easy to use, program, install, and maintain, according to the company. The siren’s control head features three zones, red, blue, and amber, for ease of identification without forcing an officer to take his or her eyes off the road. The buttons on the control head are different shapes and sizes, also for easy identification. The buttons are backlit, and button lighting is adjustable.

Code 3 said software setup for the siren takes less than 5 minutes and can be downloaded to the amp in seconds. The Z3 also comes with an expanded load management feature that automatically turns off nonessential loads (i.e. flashing headlights) at predetermined levels to help extend battery life. Programmable features include siren lock, light alert, multiple tone choices, positive or ground switching, park kill, horn ring, and more.

The company said installation is simple. Connections are plugs that snap in with accessible fusing for fast replacement or repair. Programming is stored in the amp. Technicians can swap out the control head for a new one if it goes bad without having to reprogram the siren. The Z3 Siren is also designed and manufactured in the USA, according to the company.