KIRKLAND, WA - The C500 can be applied to the following vocational or heavy off -highway applications such as: dump, mixer, heavy haul, for oilfield, mining, logging, ect.

The C500 is the serious workhorse of the Kenworth lineup. Whether you need to haul 200+ tons of coal through the jungles of Southeast Asia, move oil rigs through the Alberta muskeg, or haul timber out the woods in Quebec, the C500 is designed to handle the heaviest loads with the greatest uptime.

The straight-through, heavy-duty frame rails of the C500 family allow unmatched versatility and carrying capacity. Front axles up to 40,000 lbs. single, in excess of 40,000 lbs. tandem, driving or non-driving. Carrier-reduction rear axles to 70,000 lbs. tandem and 69,000 lbs. tridem; planetary hub-reduction axles to 150,000 lbs. tandem or 105,000 lbs. tridem. Manual or automatic transmissions capable of handling the torque of engines up to 600 horsepower and Kenworth has the radiator selection to properly cool any of these combinations.

The C500 cab is heavily reinforced to withstand rugged environments and the optional cab air suspension smoothes out rough terrain. The optional sheet-metal hood and fenders shrugs off branches, choke chains, or whatever comes its way.

But this rugged durability doesn’t mean you have to give up driver comfort. Regardless of what is going on around the truck, inside the cab it is quiet and comfortable. The controls are where you need them. You’ve got plenty of gauges to monitor how hard you’re working your truck’s components and the high quality interior appointments provide a pleasant workspace.


  • Three radiator sizes to match cooling performance to your needs: 1430, and 1520 sq. in.
  • Engine size 15-liters.
  • Accommodates up to 600 horsepower engines.
  • Single or dual air cleaners.
  • Fuller and Meritor manual transmissions; Allison automatics.
  • Transfer cases, auxiliary transmissions, and split-shaft PTO’s available.
  • Single front axles from 12,000 to 40,000 lb. ratings, driving axles to 23,000 lbs.
  • Tandem front axles to 40,000 lbs. capacity; one, both, or neither driving.
  • Set-back front axle provides optimum wheel cut and weight distribution.
  • 64-inch springs for a smooth ride.
  • Front springs available in taperleaf, multileaf, cast-eye, or slipper with radius rods.
  • Rear carrier-reduction axles to 70,000 lbs. tandem, 69,000 lbs. tridem.
  • Rear planetary hub-reduction axles to 150,000 lbs. tandem, 105,000 lbs. tridem.
  • Tire sizes up to 18.00-25, or 24R21 sand tires.
  • Wheel base adjustable in 1 inch increments.
  • Three frame rail sizes, with up to two inserts, to match strength and weight requirements.
  • Extended front frame available.
  • Optional sloped hood for excellent visibility.
  • Optional sheet metal hood and fenders for rugged durability.

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