Via  Noya Fields /Flickr

Via Noya Fields/Flickr

The City of Chicago has received a $15.5 million federal grant to purchase 182 electric vehicles (EVs) for the fleet and install EV charging stations. Funding comes from the federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Program.

“The City of Chicago is committed to leading by example toward a more sustainable future by increasing the size of our electric vehicle fleet and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel said.

The funding will pay for nine DC fast charging stations and 182 Level 2 charging stations. Vehicle purchases will include six electric buses to serve passengers at the city’s airports. 

The sustainability effort is expected to improve the fuel efficiency of the city’s fleet, improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and support broader adoption of electric vehicles. Officials estimate the program is estimated to reduce petroleum use by 32,906 barrels and greenhouse gas emissions by 10,421 tons, the equivalent of carbon sequestered from 12,300 acres of U.S. forest in one year. 

These investments put the city on track to attain the goal of a passenger fleet that is 25% EV by 2023.

Mayor Emanuel joined over 300 mayors from around the country to commit to the Paris Agreement.