Photo via Flickr/Myrtle Beach The Digitel

Photo via Flickr/Myrtle Beach The DigitelĀ 

Salt Lake City, Utah, has released a new initiative to run on renewable energy by 2032 by reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 80% and encouraging clean transportation. Through this initiative, Climate Positive SLC, the city hopes to reach 100% renewable electricity by 2032.

In order to achieve this, the city plans to lower energy consumption within city departments, create renewable energy generators, and develop its electric vehicle fleet. The city reports that numerous departments have developed tailpipe emissions reduction plans for their fleet vehicles. The city will also encourage clean transportation, including public transit, walking, biking, and electric vehicle adoption.

In addition, the city will evaluate local air quality impacts, carbon pollution, and financial viability to prioritize fleet vehicle purchases. At the end of 2016, the city fleet included over 130 hybrid-electric or battery-electric vehicles. Read the full Climate Positive SLC plan here