IronPlanet reached a record number of annual inspections in 2016, with over 100,000 pieces of equipment evaluated and certified by its professional inspectors, the online auction company announced.

With IronPlanet's IronClad Assurance, the company's inspectors personally visit the item, take pictures and conduct a comprehensive inspection of key systems and components.

During any one month, a typical IronPlanet inspector will perform 70+ inspections, taking 80 photos of each item and spending 60 to 75 minutes inspecting each piece of equipment.

IronPlanet's team of over 250 professional inspectors average more than 20 years of equipment experience and follow a standardized, reliable, and consistent method of evaluation. The company’s professional inspectors undergo a five-phase inspection training process and complete IronPlanet University training.

The company's inspections are comprehensive — there are more than 265 different inspection checklists and an average of 100 line items on an inspector’s checklist for each piece of equipment.

IronPlanet’s 2016 inspection highlights:

  • Excavators were the most inspected items in 2016
  • The year’s most unusual item inspected was a suburban converted to a “mobile ice fishing house,” with a hole cut near the rear seats to drop the fishing line
  • In the U.S., California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania were the states where most inspections occurred
  • Africa, Indonesia and Australia were the farthest inspections from IronPlanet’s headquarters in California

IronPlanet conducted equipment inspections around the world with inspections in 24 countries globally this year.