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Video: GFX 2016 Recap

Sep 7, 2016 | 719 views


Leading Fleets 2016

Jun 30, 2016 | 907 views


Knowledge Sharing Video: John McCorkhill

Mar 25, 2016 | 839 views


Knowledge Sharing Video: John Clements

Mar 18, 2016 | 822 views


Knowledge Sharing Video: City of Boise, Idaho

Mar 11, 2016 | 802 views


Knowledge Sharing Video: Allen Mitchell

Feb 26, 2016 | 791 views


Knowledge Sharing Video: Dave Head

Feb 19, 2016 | 1074 views


Knowledge Sharing Video: Lee County, Fla.

Feb 12, 2016 | 877 views


App Tracks Utah Snow Plowing

Dec 28, 2015 | 801 views


2015 Honors Celebration at GFX

Aug 3, 2015 | 824 views


Tulsa's Fleet Internship Program

Jul 21, 2015 | 474 views


GFX 2015 Recap

Jul 2, 2015 | 581 views


GFX 2015 Road Show

Jun 11, 2015 | 583 views


The Honors Celebration at GFX

Mar 3, 2015 | 592 views


Memorial Tribute to Ed Bobit

Feb 27, 2015 | 7347 views


Verizon Networkfleet: Proactive Maintenance

Jan 22, 2015 | 5319 views

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An agreement whereby in a closed-end lease, usually a full maintenance one, as a strategic commitment to the concept of true partnering with the customer, the leasing company makes all components of the rental calculation known to the lessee.

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Thi Dao
Addressing the Recruiting Problem

By Thi Dao
Fleet managers are taking steps to combat the technician recruiting problem, and these steps are adding up to results.

Fleet Greening in Trump's America

By Thi Dao

Managing a Police Fleet

Paul Clinton
A Sure Bet for Reducing Distracted Police Driving

By Paul Clinton
While shootouts and ambush killings of police officers provide high-profile examples of the hazards of police work, more often than not officers lose their lives while driving patrol vehicles.

A Closer Look at GM's Police Strategy

By Paul Clinton

Next-Gen Fleet

Facundo Tassara
Perception vs. Facts

By Facundo Tassara
As I am sure everyone has seen in the last several months, perception versus facts (even alternative facts) have been all around us. Unfortunately, it seems fact’s stock has taken a hit and perception, as a mechanism for making decisions, has gone up.

New Year's Resolution

By Facundo Tassara

Driving Notes

Amy Winter-Hercher
2017 Subaru Impreza

By Amy Winter-Hercher
The redesigned 2017 Impreza has been built on Subaru’s new platform that improves stability and reduces road noise and vibration. The fuel-efficient, all-wheel-drive Impreza makes for a good commuter vehicle — available in either a sedan or hatchback.

2017 Mazda CX-5

By Eric Gandarilla

Nobody Asked Me, But...

Sherb Brown
Yes Virginia, There is Depreciation

By Sherb Brown
Depreciation is a necessary evil in our industry. Knowing your risks and knowing your OEM partners won’t make depreciation go away but it can make it more manageable.

Are You a Fleet Manager or Are You Just Managing a Fleet

By Sherb Brown