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Backeye 360-Degree Camera System

Brigade Electronics

April 15, 2015 - Products

The Brigade Electronics Backeye 360 is an intelligent camera monitor system that provides a driver with a comprehensive, 360-degree view around the vehicle.

The Backeye 360 systems present a bird’s-eye view in a single image to help a driver quickly assess possible hazards and take corrective action when needed. The systems use four, ultra-wide angle camera lenses mounted on the vehicle to remove blind spots.

Simultaneous digital images from the camera are digitally processed and stitched together to present a clear, real-time, 360-degree view to the driver’s monitor. Brigade offers two versions of the system, including the Backeye 360 Elite and the Backeye 360 Select.

The Backeye 360 Elite is designed for greater flexibility. The monitor can be configured to suit each vehicle including those with complex shapes. It also features eight output triggers to allow combinations of views to suit most maneuvers. The Elite system can offer extended rear or side views as part of the 360-degree image when triggered by indicator or gear selection.

The Backeye 360 Select is designed to be configured for regular shaped, box-body vehicles. The positioning of the camera image joins can be set for the front and rear pairs independently in order to present a better stitched together image. It also has three triggers to automatically present tailored views for the driver.

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