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July 6, 2011 - Products

DEF Mobile App

Yara, a diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) producer, launched the first-ever DEF locator mobile app which uses GPS technology to identify the DEF retail outlets closest to a driver's location. The Air1 DEF Mobile Locator, the official application of Air1, is currently available for free download in the iTunes app store for use on the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad. Yara also plans to release an Android and Windows 7 compatible version of the app at the beginning of August and September respectively.

America's diesel-powered vehicles equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology rely on DEF to meet the EPA's 2010 heavy-duty engine and vehicle emissions standards and to make sure their engines run efficiently.  Consequently, easy access to high quality DEF, such as Yara's Air1 brand, is essential for all drivers to ensure that their vehicles keep running and that the SCR technology in their engines remains in pristine condition. Drivers who download the Air1 DEF Mobile Locator app will now always know where the closest retail location is whenever they need to fill up or top off their tanks with high quality DEF.

"Currently, more than 35 percent of drivers own smart phones and approximately two thirds of those drivers are downloading apps," said Chad Dombroski, Yara's Director of Air1. "The Air1 DEF Mobile Locator was developed as a tool to help save drivers' time and make their lives a little easier by allowing them to quickly find out where they can refill their tanks with quality DEF while on the road," Dombroksi continued. As the first DEF app of its kind, the application allows operators to:

  • Find more than 600 retail outlets in the U.S. selling DEF near or along their route
  • Search by city, state, or zip code for a DEF retail outlet
  • Pick up a driver's location via GPS then calculate the distance and provide directions from their location to the nearest DEF retail outlet
  • View the address and map location of various retail outlets selling DEF

Yara has a number of supply relationships with petroleum marketers, oil distributors, service stations, and truck stops across the United States and Canada that sell the company's Air1 brand of DEF. This retail network will be featured in the Air1 DEF Mobile Locator app to improve drivers' ability to find DEF retailers easily. The retail location information is supplied by Yara and will be updated on the app each month.

To download the app for free, please visit the Air1 website or the iTunes app store.

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