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Washington Switches to Impala for State Fleet

OLYMPIA, WA – Following Ford's decision to discontinue the Taurus, Washington's motor vehicle buyers are turning to the Chevrolet Impala as the mainstay for state agencies starting next year.

Corpus Christi City Employees Demonstrate Careful Driving

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – City of Corpus Christi, employees showed their savvy behind the wheel at the Annual Vehicle Safety “Roadeo” Contest.

Reed Joins Dossier Maintenance Solutions Team

BURLINGTON, NJ – David Reed has joined Arsenault Associates as fleet management consultant.

State of Indiana Increasing Snowplow Fleet

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – The Indiana state highway department has bought 76 new snowplows, and says that means its trucks will spend more time plowing and less time in the repair shop.

Fuel Prices Will Drive Market Toward Alt Fuels

NEW YORK, NY – A Department of Energy recently released report suggests that energy markets will shift further toward alternative sources in the coming years, driven primarily by higher prices for traditional fossil fuels and recently enacted public policy.

Man Wants to Buy Liposuctioned Fat to Create Biodiesel

MIAMI, FL – Lauri Venoy, a Norwegian businessman who now lives in Miami, is negotiating with Jackson Memorial Hospital to obtain the 11.5 liters of human fat obtained from liposuction operations every week.

Strong Impact of EPACT2005 Is Seen in EIA Analysis of U.S. Energy Supply and Price

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Energy Information Administration (EIA) has released a midterm forecast and analysis of the U.S. energy supply, demand, and prices through 2030.

Colorado Springs Teams With El Paso County for Faster Snow Removal

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – Colorado Springs' snow-removal process could get a little quicker. The City made an agreement last week with El Paso County.

Michigan State Fleet Agency Debuts E-85 Fuel Center

LANSING, MI – The state of Michigan has debuted an E-85 alternative-fuel center at the Department of Management and Budget's Vehicle and Travel Services Fleet Operations and Repair facility.

CCG Systems Issues Retraction

NORFOLK, VA – CCG Systems, Inc. is issuing the following retraction: A press release was mistakenly issued on Nov. 28, 2006, announcing the implementation of FASTER fleet management system at the City of North Las Vegas, Nev.

Pittsburgh Receives Fuel Grant to Help Convert Fleet to Biodiesel

PITTSBURGH, PA – The City of Pittsburgh has received a $304,000 grant from Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection to spend on alternative-fuel technologies.

Los Angeles International Airport to Purchase 30 Alternative-Fuel Buses and Trucks

LOS ANGELES, CA – The Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners Dec. 4 approved the purchase of 30 alternative-fuel buses and trucks for use at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) as part of its ongoing commitment to replace existing gasoline-powered vehicles in the airport's fleet with alternative-fuel vehicles when they reach the end of their useful service life.

Maricopa County Fleet Switches to Biodiesel

PHOENIX, AZ – Maricopa County's entire diesel fleet now runs on biodiesel, a blend of traditional diesel fuel and biodegradable material.

Kolander Named Fleet Director for City of Knoxville

KNOXVILLE, TN – Mark Kolander has been named fleet director for the City of Knoxville.

Fleet Counselor Services to Redesign Existing Certification Program

MESA, AZ – Fleet Counselor Services Inc. (FCS) is redesigning its existing certification program, resulting in the introduction of two new product lines for 2007.

City of Youngstown to Review Policy Regarding Take-Home City Vehicles

YOUNGSTOWN, OH – The Youngstown, Ohio, Police Department garage foreman who uses a city truck to commute 100 miles round-trip to his lake cabin in Pennsylvania is within the current policy, but the policy will be discussed next year during a full review of take-home vehicles.

Pay Hike Boosts N.H. Plow Drivers' Ranks

CONCORD, NH – For the first time in years, New Hampshire will have nearly a full fleet of plow drivers to clear state roads.

Plans for Natural Gas Trucks Approved for Ports of Long Beach & Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, CA – The Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles have approved a landmark Clean Air Action Plan that calls for the replacement of older, ‘dirty' diesel-powered trucks with more than 5,000 heavy-duty natural gas models.

Petro Vend Fuel Controls' System2 Paymentech Software Is Now PCI Data Security Standard Compliant

HODGKINS, IL – System2 Fuel Control System Multi-Network Software is now compliant with the PCI (Payment Card Industry) data security standard enacted in 2005.

Networkcar Identifies Most Common Vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Codes

SAN DIEGO, CA – Networkcar has analyzed diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) gathered from thousands of commercial vehicles across the United States that use its Networkfleet wireless vehicle management system.

UQM Technologies Displays All Electric Silverado Pickup Truck at Electric Drive Transportation Association Exposition in Washington, D.C.

FREDERICK, CO – UQM Technologies, Inc., a developer of alternative-energy technologies, recently displayed an all-electric Silverado pickup truck at the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) Conference and Exposition in Washington, D.C.

Gov. Schwarzenegger Promotes Alternative-Fuel Vehicles at the 100th Annual L.A. Auto Show

LOS ANGELES, CA – At this week's 100th annual L.A. Auto Show, Gov. Schwarzenegger highlighted the important role the newest alternate-fuel vehicles play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the state and throughout the world.

City of North Las Vegas Implements FASTER

NORFOLK, VA – The City of North Las Vegas, Nev., has implemented CCG Systems, Inc.'s FASTER fleet management system.

First Caterpillar Engine With ACERT Technology for 2007 Certified by EPA

PEORIA, IL – On Nov. 20, 2006, Caterpillar Inc. received certification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the company's first engine equipped with ACERT Technology for 2007.

2007 Chevy Tahoe Redesigned for Law Enforcement

DETROIT - The redesigned 2007 Chevrolet Police Tahoe delivers more power, enhanced ride and handling qualities, and more safety features than its 2006 counterpart.


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