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In this era of social networks that are blurring the personal and professional worlds, we here at Government Fleet want to provide public sector fleet managers with a private, professionally focused network, called fleetSHARE, that helps them work together to tackle industry challenges.

Fleet Managers' Solutions to Today’s Challenges – Video Series Part One

TORRANCE, CA - Fleet managers who attended the 2011 Government Fleet Expo and Conference in San Diego, Calif. present their solutions to the challenges facing today's fleet manager in an ongoing video series.

Red Bluff Hires New Public Works Director

RED BLUFF, CA – The City of Red Bluff has hired Bruce Henz as its new public works director, according to the Contra Costa Times.

Pittsburgh to Retrofit Diesel Vehicles as Part of 10-Year Plan

PITTSBURGH - A newly passed bill directs the City’s Equipment and Leasing Authority to create a “10 Year Diesel Policy” and the adoption of the “best available” retrofit technology for the City’s diesel vehicles.

California Fleet Reduction Has Eliminated 3,800 Vehicles So Far

SACRAMENTO, CA - The California governor's office said the Department of General Services expects savings of $57 million over the course of five years.

City of Cypress to Acquire Mitsubishi i for Motor Pool Fleet

CYPRESS, CA – The City of Cypress will purchase two to three Mitsubishi i all-electric vehicles, along with two to three charging stations, said Council/Agency Board Member Doug Bailey.

Hialeah Reviews Take-Home Vehicle Policy

HIALEAH, FL - The City's mayor has asked all department heads to review employee use of take-home vehicles to determine whether they are necessary for City business.

Mobile Converting F-150s and Crown Vics to Propane

MOBILE, AL - According to city council meeting documents, the cost is $213,000 to convert 30 vehicle fueling systems to bi-fuel versions.

Forsyth County and Cedar Rapids Buying Caprice PPVs

CUMMING, GA – Forsyth County’s Sheriff Department plans to replace its current fleet of 175 patrol vehicles with Chevrolet Caprice PPV patrol vehicles, according to a news release from General Motors.

St. Cloud University Returning Leased Vehicles to State Motor Pool

The university went from owning to leasing, and now to renting vehicles for use by employees.

Promotional flier showing the European version of the F800-GSP. Photo Credit: BMW.

BMW Considering Sport Bike for Police Market

TORRANCE, CA - BMW is currently selling a civilian version of its F800-GS in the United States, and could easily convert it for police use, according to the company's law enforcement manager.

Introducing Fleet Toolbox: Online Tools for Public Sector Fleet Management Professionals

To give you a little more insight into what Fleet Toolbox has to offer, we’re going to be running a series of short articles on the toolset and how you can use it.

Maryland Transportation Authority Police Lose Take Home Vehicle Case

ANNAPOLIS, MD – The Maryland Transportation Authority (MdTA) Police Lodge #34 lost a court case that would have forced State officials to provide them with take-home vehicles.

Pensacola Receives Natural Gas Sedan as Part of Pilot Program

PENSACOLA, FL – The City of Pensacola received a new natural gas-fueled Civic GX as part of a pilot program to determine whether natural gas vehicles will pay dividends in terms of future fuel savings.

Spokane to Purchase 4 Hybrid Hydraulic Refuse Trucks

SPOKANE, WA –Spokane’s City Council approved the purchase of four single-armed, auto side-loading hybrid hydraulic refuse trucks.

Manville Take-Home Vehicle Resolution Draws Protest

MANVILLE, NJ - Police officers and firefighters protested a resolution that would have limited use of take-home vehicles.

New Rochelle Fleet Manager Indicted

NEW ROCHELLE, NY - The Westchester DA's office alleges the fleet manager personally prepared, and/or directed subordinates, to falsely prepare Competitive Bid Summary Reports in order to direct contracts to specific vendors.

Federal Fleet Vehicle Budget Reduction Proposed

WASHINGTON – Two U.S. Senators, Tom Coburn, M.C. (R.-OK) and Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) introduced a bill that would reduce the federal fleet’s vehicle budget by 20 percent.

Luzerne County Cracking Down on Marking Vehicles

WILKES-BARRE, PA - Luzerne County plans to review its 160 vehicles to ensure they are appropriately marked.

Florida National Guard Operating Biodiesel Program

STARKE, FL – The Florida National Guard is recycling used vegetable oil to produce biodiesel to fuel maintenance vehicles at Camp Blanding Joint Training Center, located in Clay County.

Navistar Donates Vehicle to Assist In Alabama Rebuilding Efforts

WARRENVILLE, IL - Navistar is donating a used step van to the Hale Empowerment and Revitilization Organization in Hale County, Ala.

Mid-Atlantic States' Unique Plan to Replace Dirtiest Trucks

COLLEGE PARK, MD - Four Mid-Atlantic States are teaming up to offer one of the nation's most generous programs aimed at replacing old, highly polluting trucks.

Chicago to End Shared Cost Lease Program, Turning to Pool Vehicles

CHICAGO - With Chicago ending its shared cost lease program, the City is turning to private car sharing programs and use pool vehicles for City employees.

Cape Coral Audit Shows Fuel Management Improvements

CAPE CORAL, FL - Despite a number of issues with software and fuel-related data, the audit showed the City improved fuel management during the last six months.

Coshocton Council Member Questions Vehicle Purchase

COSHOCTON, OH - The City recently purchased vehicles for the utility and fire departments through the State bid pricing program.

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