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May 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

How Pennsylvania Reduced Its Fleet by 24%

By Shelly Ernst

In 2011, a mandated 20% fleet reduction seemed daunting. But more than five years later, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has not only accomplished its goal, it has saved millions — and without sacrificing service.

Tags: Fleet Reduction, Pennsylvania

April 2017, Government Fleet - WebXclusive

GFX Exclusive: All About Purchasing Contracts, with Tammy Rimes

By Staff

Most attention gets spent on putting a contract in place — with the development of a bid, evaluation of proposals, and final contract negotiation. But what about contract management? Learn from Tammy Rimes about this topic at GFX.

Tags: Procurement, GFX, Industry Events, GFX 2017

April 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Traffic Safety Initiative Reduces Officer Crashes

Photo courtesy of OCSD

By Thi Dao

To combat injuries and fatalities from auto collisions, Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) in California set out to change its safety culture through a traffic safety initiative.

Tags: Driver Safety, Police Vehicles, Sheriff's Office

March 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Managing Rural Police Fleets

Photo courtesy of Town of Jonesborough

By Roselynne Reyes

Managing a fleet in a small town or rural area can lead to challenges from a variety of environmental factors, including animals, weather, and rough terrain.

Tags: Push Bumper, Vermont, Police

March 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Boom Truck Series Offers Two-in-One Versatility

The National Crane NBT40-1 Series is designed to improve fleet utilization and provide more versatility in utility work, according to manufacturer Manitowoc. Photo courtesy of Manitowoc

By Staff

National Crane’s dual-rated NBT40-1 Series boom trucks provide a full-capacity crane that can be reconfigured into an aerial lift.

Tags: Off-Road Equipment, Aerial Lifts, National Crane

March 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Putting Cop Cars Up for Sale

Photo courtesy of City of Dublin

By Thi Dao

When it comes time to decommission patrol cars, there’s more work to be done than just turning the vehicles over to the auctioneer. And how does the phase-out of the Crown Vic and loss of interest from taxi companies affect resale value?

Tags: Remarketing, Police Vehicles, Ford Crown Victoria

March 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

A Digger Derrick That Delivers Smooth Functionality

The DT65H Transmission Digger Derrick from Altec is a fully hydraulic derrick that incorporates a high-flow piston pump into the hydraulic system. Maximum flow is available to any function. Photo courtesy of Altec

By Staff

The Altec DT65H Transmission Digger Derrick is a fully hydraulic, pilot-operated derrick that incorporates a high-flow piston pump into the hydraulic system. Because a single variable displacement piston pump provides flow, the maximum flow is available to any function.

Tags: Digger Derricks, Altec, Off-Road Equipment

March 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Diligent Maintenance Keeps City of Napa on the Road

In late January and early February, more than 20 inches of rainfall contributed to flooding in the City of Napa, Calif. Photo courtesy of City of Napa

By Shelley Ernst

Severe droughts in much of California have finally abated — through heavy rain and flooding. Here's how the City of Napa fleet prepared for and responded to California's rare record rainfall.

Tags: Storm Response

March 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Chevrolet Bolt EV Electrifies Public Fleets

Chevrolet is rolling out the Bolt EV in waves, starting with California and Oregon. Photo: Paul Clinton

By Paul Clinton

The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV’s biggest advantages are its 238-mile range and more affordable price point.

Tags: Battery-Electric Vehicles, Chevrolet Bolt EV

March 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Using Cooperative Procurement to Reduce Fuel Costs

With fuel being a major operating cost, reducing purchasing cost by a few cents per gallon can result in big savings. Photo: Vince Taroc

By Thi Dao

Neighboring public fleets can work together to cooperatively purchase fuel at lower prices. Two collaborative fuel contracts in Oregon and California have saved public agencies hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Tags: Cooperative Procurement, Cooperative Agreement

March 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Software Switch: Key Takeaways in Transitioning to a New FMIS

Upgrading to a new fleet management system involves training technicians on how to input data into the software. Photo:

By Thi Dao

Switching or upgrading to a new fleet management information system (FMIS) is a time-consuming project that can take up to a year. Here’s what to know before you start.

Tags: FASTER Fleet Management System, Fleet Management Software, AssetWorks, Chevin

March 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

What You Need to Know About the Volkswagen Settlement


By Roselynne Reyes

The automaker will spend billions of dollars through its diesel settlement, including buybacks, repairs, and two potential sources of funding that fleets should be aware of.

Tags: Funding, Infrastructure Funding, Zero-Emission Vehicles, VW Diesel Scandal

March 2017, Government Fleet - Cover Story

Standardizing Vehicles to Streamline Operations

Osceola County is standardizing its fleet so all heavy-duty trucks use the same engine, transmission, and tires. Photo courtesy of Osceola County

By Roselynne Reyes

Some fleets have been able to save on parts, increase efficiency, and target their technician training by standardizing vehicles. Fleet managers share their experiences and a few best practices.

Tags: Vehicle Standardization

February 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

New Rides for Motor Officers

Photo courtesy of Harley-Davidson

By Melanie Basich

This year's law enforcement motorcycles feature powerful engines, enhanced handling, and a host of adjustable components to improve rider experience and performance on the road.

Tags: Motorcycles, Harley-Davidson, Zero Motorcycles, Police Motorcycles, Police

February 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

N.C. Police Department Gets a Boost with Take-Home Vehicles

Photo courtesy of Wilmington PD

By Roselynne Reyes

By implementing a take-home vehicle program, the Wilmington Police Department (N.C.) is keeping vehicles longer and increasing officer morale.

Tags: Police Vehicles, Take-Home Vehicles, Police

January 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Understanding the 'Why' in Analyst Training

By Thi Dao

In analyzing data, it’s not just the fleet software system that fleet analysts need to understand — it’s also the fleet business itself.

Tags: Training, Career Building, City of Long Beach, Analytics, Data Analysis

January 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

A Telehandler With a Broader Reach

The V519 VersaHandler telescopic tool carrier features a two-stage boom with a reach of more than 10 feet and a lift height of 19 feet. Photo courtesy of Bobcat Company

By Staff

The new Bobcat V519 is a versatile telescopic tool carrier that also delivers enhanced operator comfort and visibility.

Tags: Bobcat, Off-Road Equipment, Telehandler

January 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Choosing Motor Pool Over Reimbursement

Contra Costa County, Calif., offers a variety of gasoline, electrified, and natural gas vehicles. Photo courtesy of Contra Costa County.

By Roselynne Reyes

Establishing a motor pool for employee use rather than reimbursing for every trip can result in lower costs, higher utilization, and a more efficient fleet operation. But it has its limitations.

Tags: Zipcar, AssetWorks, INVERS, North Dakota DOT, Rightsizing, County Fleets, Motor Pools, Local Motion

January 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Reducing Costs by Sharing Software

Currently, four public fleets share one fleet management system and divide costs while learning from each other. Screencapture courtesy of Scott County

By Thi Dao

Too cash-strapped to purchase a robust fleet management software system? Sharing it with nearby agencies could be the solution.

Tags: Fleet Management Software, AssetWorks, Collaboration, County Fleets, Cooperative Agreement

January 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Propane Autogas Patrol Cars: Analyzing Cost, Benefits

Photo courtesy of Polk County Sheriff's Office

By Thi Dao

Propane autogas conversions add to vehicle costs — how can a fleet make up this cost to get a return on its investment? Polk County Sheriff's Office in Florida explains the costs and benefits of converting its fleet to run on propane autogas.

Tags: Green Fleets, Propane Autogas, Police Fleets, Polk County Sheriff's Office

January 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Surviving Politics in Public Fleet

By Jon White

Common risks emerge for fleet management from politics, both internal and external, and the impact can be subtle or not so subtle. How do successful fleet managers deal with these risks?

Tags: Politics, Storm Response, Chicago, City of Tulsa, NYPD, Snow

January 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

Lessons Learned After Hurricane Matthew

Even with preparation, not all buildings are disaster-proof. The Volusia County (Fla.) marine science center’s bird aviary was completely destroyed from the storm surge. Photo courtesy of Volusia County

By Roselynne Reyes

Months after Hurricane Matthew hit parts of the Southeast United States, fleet managers reflect on what they did successfully, what to change in the future, and how other fleets can learn from their experience.

Tags: Storm Response, Hurricanes

January 2017, Government Fleet - Feature

A Remote-Controlled Slope Mower

The RidgeRunner from Alamo Industrial features a lightweight design that combines steel-belted rubber tracks and a low center of gravity for efficient operation on slopes up to 50 degrees. Photo courtesy of Alamo Industrial

By Staff

The Alamo RidgeRunner can tackle roadside mowing projects on steep slopes without placing workers in harm’s way.

Tags: Off-Road Equipment, Mowers, Alamo

January 2017, Government Fleet - Cover Story

Police Upfitting: In-House or Outsource?

The Florida Highway Patrol’s central installation facility can prep and deliver about 12 vehicles a week. Photo courtesy of Florida Highway Patrol

By Thi Dao

Whether a public agency upfits its own police vehicles or sends them out depends on a variety of factors. Here’s why agencies choose their methods and some best practices they’ve learned from years of experience.

Tags: Upfitting, Florida, Police Vehicles, Outsourcing, County Fleets

November 2016, Government Fleet - Feature

A More Durable, Fuel-Efficient Landfill Compactor

The 816K is designed for multiple machine lives and component rebuilds using Caterpillar sustainable options such as the Reman and Certified Rebuild programs. Photo courtesy of Caterpillar

By Staff

Powered by a Tier 4 Final-compliant engine, the Cat 816K landfill compactor features cab upgrades and advanced technology options.

Tags: Off-Road Equipment, Caterpillar, Compactor

November 2016, Government Fleet - Feature

Overcoming Delayed Vehicle Deliveries

Late vehicle deliveries can throw off a government agency’s operations and leave fleet managers scrambling to keep older vehicles running. We spoke to a few fleets about how they have dealt with delivery delays. Photo:

By Roselynne Reyes

Late vehicle deliveries can throw off a government agency’s operations and leave fleet managers scrambling to keep older vehicles running. We spoke to a few fleets about how they have dealt with delivery delays.

Tags: Order to Delivery, Colleges and Universities, Delivery Delays

November 2016, Government Fleet - Feature

More Opportunities Than Challenges at Tampa

The City of Tampa fleet management “dream team” consists of (l-r): Arturo Betty, John Daff, Earl Gant, Dick Guerra, Connie White-Arnold, Jeff Hajdu, Kevin Koudela, and Gary Stewart. Photo courtesy of City of Tampa

By Thi Dao

The City of Tampa, Fla., fleet has hit its stride, with a staff consisting of a dream team, support from department heads, and an interim fleet manager keen on networking with neighboring fleets.

Tags: City of Tampa

November 2016, Government Fleet - Feature

2017 Police Vehicles

The Charger is used by agencies around the country, including California Highway Patrol. Photo courtesy of FCA

By Roselynne Reyes

Fleet managers in law enforcement have a variety of options to choose from. The latest offerings from Chevrolet, Dodge, and Ford deliver a number of features for increased power, safety, and efficiency.

Tags: Dodge, Chevrolet Caprice, Ford Police Interceptor, Ford, General Motors, Dodge Charger, Patrol Cars, FCA, Chevrolet Tahoe PPV, Ford Police Interceptor Utility

November 2016, Government Fleet - Feature

How to Maintain Stored Diesel Fuel

Backup generators, which may be refueled only once or twice a year, need diesel fuel maintenance to ensure they function when needed. Photo: Shutterstock

By James Dunst

Diesel fuel stored for long periods of time — such as in backup generators — is prone to degradation. This can lead to equipment failure when the time comes to use it. Here’s what fleet managers can do to maintain their stored diesel fuel.

Tags: Diesel, Fuel Tanks, Diesel Generator

November 2016, Government Fleet - Cover Story

When Should You Change Oil?

Polk County Sheriff’s Office in Florida has extended its oil change intervals to 30,000 miles and filter change intervals to 10,000 miles. Photo courtesy of Polk County Sheriff's Office

By Thi Dao

Fleets analyzing oil samples can determine if their maintenance cycles are done at the right time and also identify maintenance issues before they become bigger problems.

Tags: Oil Analysis, City of Phoenix, Polk County Sheriff's Office, OIl Analyzers, Spectro Scientific

November 2016, Government Fleet - Feature

A Fuel-Saving Wheel Loader for All Four Seasons

The Komatsu WA270-8 wheel loader is compact enough to operate in tight quarters, such as residential streets, but powerful enough to handle jobs often planned for bigger machines, according to the manufacturer. Photo courtesy of Komatsu

By Staff

The new Komatsu WA270-8 wheel loader boasts several advantages, including an engine that uses up to 3% less fuel than its predecessor.

Tags: Off-Road Equipment, Wheel Loader, Komatsu

October 2016, Government Fleet - Cover Story

Analysts in Demand at Public Fleets


By Thi Dao

The amount of data a fleet has can be overwhelming — that’s why agencies are hiring analysts to make sense of the data and help their fleet operations make sound business decisions.

Tags: City of Long Beach, Sacramento County, Data Analysis

October 2016, Government Fleet - Feature

Law Enforcement for the Lone Star State

About 2,800 vehicles serve the Texas Highway Patrol, including Dodge Chargers, Ford Crown Victorias, and approximately 900 Chevrolet Tahoes. Photo courtesy of Texas DPS

By Daryl Lubinsky

The Texas Department of Public Safety Fleet Operations is committed to ensuring its drivers have the safest and most reliable vehicles to perform their duties.

Tags: Police Fleets, Safety, Law Enforcement

October 2016, Government Fleet - Feature

How to Implement a Telematics Solution

The City of Mobile, Ala., installed Lytx’s DriveCam event recorder in many of its vehicles, including refuse trucks. Photo courtesy of Lytx

By Roselynne Reyes

Telematics providers offer tips for public fleets on finding and implementing the right solution.

Tags: Telematics, GPS Insight, Geotab, WEX, Lytx

October 2016, Government Fleet - Feature

Hyundai’s New Offerings Go Green

By Roselynne Reyes

The automaker has ventured into alternative powertrain vehicles with its latest collection of hybrid, electric, and fuel cell models.

Tags: Battery-Electric Vehicles, Gasoline-Electric Hybrids, Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Hyundai, Hyundai Sonata, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

October 2016, Government Fleet - Feature

Best Practices in Remarketing Partnerships

Clark County, Nev., auctions off its own vehicles as well as those of other local and state agencies. Photo courtesy of Clark County

By Shelley Ernst

Fleets teaming up on vehicle remarketing, whether with another public agency or a private auctioneer, talk about how they do it and what they’ve learned.

Tags: Remarketing, Colleges and Universities, County Fleets

October 2016, Government Fleet - Feature

Making 3D Grade Control a More Powerful Tool

The John Deere 750K and 850K SmartGrade crawler dozers are each equipped with a 6.8L Tier 4 Final-certified engine and fully integrated grade control system. Photo courtesy of John Deere

By Staff

John Deere 750K and 850K SmartGrade crawler dozers feature an integrated grade control system based on the Topcon 3D-MC2.

Tags: Off-Road Equipment, John Deere, Crawler Dozer, Grade Control

October 2016, Government Fleet - Feature

A Chip Spreader Designed for Paving Precision

The LeeBoy CSV816 is the market’s first Tier 4 Final variable width chip spreader, according to VT LeeBoy. The company brands its equipment under the LeeBoy and Rosco names. Photo courtesy of VT LeeBoy

By Staff

The LeeBoy CSV816 provides a wide range of chipping options and allows for permit-free transport.

Tags: Off-Road Equipment, LeeBoy, Chip Spreader

September 2016, Government Fleet - Feature

Federal Fleet Statistics

By Staff

Data from the U.S. General Services Administration's FY-2015 Federal Fleet Report is gathered from federal agencies reporting motor vehicle fleet data.

Tags: GSA, Federal Fleet

September 2016, Government Fleet - Feature

Fleet Age and Utilization Data 2016

By Staff

Utilimarc, a fleet analytics and business intelligence company, provided data about average fleet vehicle age, mileage, maintenance costs, labor hours, and fuel efficiency.

Tags: Industry Research, Trends, Utilimarc

September 2016, Government Fleet - Cover Story

2016 Benchmarking Statistics

This chart shows a profile of survey respondents and the public entities for which they work. The “City” category includes villages and towns. “Other” includes port authorities, transit, and fire districts.

By Staff

How does your public fleet compare to others? Data from the 2016 Government Fleet survey shows that overall fleet operating budgets continue to rise slightly and there is a small increase in average fleet size in comparison to the prior year.

Tags: Industry Research, Government Fleet Magazine, Trends

September 2016, Government Fleet - Feature

13 Bright Ideas for Fleet Improvement

Since Lee County adopted a strict PM program, the life cycle of many of its vehicles has doubled. Photo courtesy of Lee County

By Roselynne Reyes

Fleet professionals share some improvements they’ve made to their fleets, how they did it, and how others can do the same.

Tags: Fleet Optimization, Fleet Improvement, Lee County, City of Bellevue, ASE, ASE Blue Seal, Preventive Maintenance, Employee Incentives, Driver Dispatch, Idle Reduction, Managing the Shop, Distracted Driving, Sonoma County, County Fleets, Fuel Management

September 2016, Government Fleet - Feature

9 Trends in Public Fleet Management

By Thi Dao

Alternative-fuel mandates are driven by political pressure, and too much data is leading to more work, according to fleet professionals around the country.

Tags: Technology, Vehicle Replacement, Recruiting, Alternative Fuels, Trends

August 2016, Government Fleet - WebXclusive

Masterack’s Steel Interiors Boost Productivity

Masterack products include customized shelving, drawers, parts bins, partitions, wire spool racks, literature racks, lockable doors and cabinets, and more. The company previously operated under the name of Leggett & Platt Commercial Vehicle Products, but recently rebranded under the product line name -- Masterack. Photo courtesy of Masterack

By Staff

The Atlanta-based upfitter specializes in designing bins, shelves, partitions, workstations, and more for a wide range of fleet vehicles.

Tags: Upfitting, Masterack, Vehicle Interiors, Van Equipment

August 2016, Government Fleet - Test Drives

Test Drive: Is International's HX620 the Driver's Vocational Truck?

The HX620 has a setback steer axle and 120-inch BBC, and comes only with a Cummins ISX15. Shorter models use Navistar’s own N13 diesel. Note external air cleaners and many other items in chrome or bright metal. Photos: Tom Berg

By Tom Berg

Navistar has declared that it wants to build trucks that drivers want to drive. That includes the new HX vocational series, unveiled early this year at an extravaganza in Las Vegas.

Tags: Navistar, International Trucks, Vocational Trucks

July 2016, Government Fleet - Feature

Bonansinga's Lifetime Achievement Award

“We never stop learning when we surround ourselves with great people,” Barb Bonansinga said during her acceptance speech for the Legendary Lifetime Achievement Award on June 21. Photo by Nashville Events Coverage.

By Roselynne Reyes

Barb Bonansinga was presented with the 2016 Legendary Lifetime Achievement Award at the Government Fleet Expo & Conference. Her contributions to the industry through associations have helped shape industry standards and best practices.

Tags: Awards, Public Fleet Hall of Fame, Legendary Lifetime Achievement Award, Recognition, Illinois, GFX 2016

July 2016, Government Fleet - WebXclusive

Mohawk TP-20 Lift Raises Shop Versatility

By consuming minimal bay space, the Mohawk TP-20 two-post lift simplifies the task of servicing a varied fleet and provides full under-vehicle access for all repairs. Photo courtesy of Mohawk

By Staff

The 20,000-lb.-rated two-post lift provides fleet maintenance shops more flexibility to service a wider range of vehicles.

Tags: Vehicle Lifts, Mohawk Lifts, Shop Equipment

July 2016, Government Fleet - Feature

Highlights from GFX 2016

Photo by Events Coverage Nashville

By Staff

This year’s GFX featured new vehicles and technologies, numerous networking opportunities, informative educational sessions, and a celebration of the industry’s top fleets.

Tags: GFX 2016, Industry Events

July 2016, Government Fleet - Feature

Recognizing the 2016 Leading Fleets

Many of  the Leading Fleets awards recipients are pictured here after The Honors Celebration at the Government Fleet Expo & Conference on June 21.

By Staff

The Leading Fleets program recognizes public sector fleet organizations for their leadership, efficiency, and vision for the future. The award encourages fleets to strive for excellence.

Tags: Recognition, GFX, Leading Fleets

July 2016, Government Fleet - Feature

6 Hall of Fame Inductees Honored

Photo by Kimberly Pham

By Staff

Government Fleet magazine named its third class of Public Fleet Hall of Fame inductees this year, with six fleet professionals added. The award recognizes those who have made a lasting contribution to the industry.

Tags: Recognition, Public Fleet Hall of Fame, The Honors Celebration


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By Thi Dao

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Paul Clinton
Police Vehicles Pushed to the Limit in California

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The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department conducted its annual evaluation of 2018-model-year police vehicles from Oct. 10 to 13. Agency deputies got behind the wheel of 13 four-wheel vehicles and five motorcycles for the testing.

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Slack brings all of your communication together in a way that you can sort. Conversations, PDFs, and documents are all be archived and searchable.

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