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May 2004, Government Fleet - Feature

Two Musts in Fleet Management: Training and Certification

By Doug Keene

Fleets profit from training by using technology to increase productivity and efficiency, which in turn, lower costs. Training employees to use new technology effectively is as important as the investment in the technology itself.

May 2004, Government Fleet - Feature

Using Telematics for Predictive Maintenance

By Chad Simon

Vetronix Corp.'s latest Mastertrak "next-generation" telematics and remote diagnostics function enables management to keep better tabs on the fleet by predicting mechanical failures before it's too late.

May 2004, Government Fleet - Feature

Outsourcing for Positive Results

By Elizabeth Linck, CFM

With a disciplined approach and careful planning and implementation, outsourcing non-core functions can provide a positive impact on the entire fleet operation.

May 2004, Government Fleet - Feature

Finding the Right Fuel Management Program

Supplementing fleet card services, fuel management programs are proven methods to reduce costs and improve fuel efficiency. Online data transmission provides timely tracking and reporting.

May 2004, Government Fleet - Feature

Fleet Beats Firestorm

By Tom Johnson

Preventive maintenance and vehicle replacement programs helped San Diego County's fleet successfully battle the Southern California region's disastrous fire storm.

May 2004, Government Fleet - Feature

GSA Markets Auction Vehicles to the Public

By Cheryl Knight

Public auctions are well suited for the U.S. General Services Administration's low-mileage, well-maintained vehicles. About 40,000 GSA vehicles were sold at public auctions around the United States in 2003.

May 2004, Government Fleet - Feature

Accurate Mileage: The Lifeblood of Good Fleet Management

By Steve Saltzgiver

Nearly every function of fleet vehicle management requires a decision dependent upon accurate odometer reporting. Utah's Division of Fleet Operations employs a proactive approach to ensuring correct mileage data.

March 2004, Government Fleet - Feature

Vehicle Replacement Policy: The Lifeline of Government Fleet Management

By Doug Weichman

A formal, funded vehicle replacement program is one of the best available tools to achieve high standards, allowing fleet managers to incorporate lifecycle costing for vehicle replacement and to control maintenance cost.

March 2004, Government Fleet - Feature

Developing a Fleet Business Plan to Drive Organizational Change

By Tom Johnson

A fleet business plan forces change when the company has 2,100 vehicles providing electric power to nearly 800,000 customers and delivers nearly 1 million acre-feet of water to a service area in central Arizona.

March 1980, Government Fleet - Feature

Smaller, Lighter Vehicles Compete For Front-Line Police Work

By Staff

LAPD Transportation Director outlines performance parameters.

Tags: Chevrolet, NAFA, Police Vehicles, California Highway Patrol, Chrysler, Plymouth

July 1977, Government Fleet - Feature

Chrysler After Police Market

By Staff

Chrysler is in hot pursuit of the police car market with current models.

Tags: Police Vehicles, Chrysler, Police Fleets

July 1977, Government Fleet - Feature

Compact Nova "Big" For Police

Similar in appearance to its civilian sister, the Nova with police package delivers economy and performance at a savings to tax payers, law officers assert.

By Staff

Documentation in several applications show that a compact can deliver economy.

Tags: Police Vehicles, Police Fleets, Chevrolet

June 1963, Government Fleet - Feature

L.A. Police Use Model Test Program

Close-up interior view of a 1963 Oldsmobile Highway Patrol Apprehender shows the special equipment installed by the LAPD in its freeway patrol cruisers.

By Staff

Medium-price cars are receiving more attention from the nation's police departments.

Tags: Police Vehicles, Police Fleets

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Managing a Police Fleet

Paul Clinton
Can EVs Work as Patrol Vehicles?

By Paul Clinton
Adding a fleet of battery-electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids to your motor pool is one thing. But giving an electrified sedan to a police officer seems like a trickier proposition.

Next-Gen Fleet

Facundo Tassara
New Year's Resolution

By Facundo Tassara
Goals don’t need to happen next month or right now. I recommend they don’t. In fleet management, things rarely happen overnight. So creating that list of goals might help you keep your eye on the prize.

Chance Favors the Prepared Mind

By Facundo Tassara

Driving Notes

Chris Brown
2017 VW Golf Alltrack SEL

By Chris Brown
The 2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack is a Golf SportWagen, but brawnier, with VW’s 4Motion all-wheel-drive as standard.

2017 Mercedes-Benz E300 4Matic

By Chris Wolski

Nobody Asked Me, But...

Sherb Brown
Five Unpredictions for 2017

By Sherb Brown
We may not be able to predict the future here at Automotive Fleet, but we can confidently predict that 2017 will be very interesting.

Fleet Success Comes From Sticking to Just the Facts

By Sherb Brown


Thi Dao
Fleet Greening in Trump's America

By Thi Dao
Whatever your political opinion, there’s no doubt Trump’s agenda on the environment is vastly different from President Obama’s.

How Are Your Customer Interactions?

By Thi Dao