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How to Become a Charged Fleet: Getting Started with Fleet Electrification

April 14, 2021 |11:00 AM PST |Duration: 1 Hr

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The fleet industry’s electric revolution is here but investing in electric vehicles is only the beginning. Fleet managers across the public and private sectors know how important accurate data collection is to successful operations. So, how are you going to collect data on charging session events and energy consumption so it can be included in reporting and analysis, especially when all of this data lives in different systems?

For over 40 years, the AssetWorks team has developed software and hardware solutions to the fleet management industry’s top challenges. In March of 2021, AssetWorks launched its latest product offering: FuelFocusEV, the first enterprise-class, cross-EV platform on the market.

In this webinar, AssetWorks’ Debra Wolfe, Joe Basile, and Mike Terreri will provide an in-depth look at the state of electrification in the fleet management industry, including:

  • Industry Updates
  • Benefits of Integrated EV Management 
  • Types of EV Hardware
  • Reporting and Analytics


Debra Wolfe

Director of Product Strategy, Assetworks

Joe Basile

Director of Product Strategy, Assetworks

Mike Terreri

EV Product Manager, Assetworks

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