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Texting While Driving

L.A. County Sheriff Updates Driving Policy

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has implemented a new driver safety policy for sheriff’s deputies, in hopes of curbing distracted-driving crashes linked to officers’ use of dashboard computers. Here’s a report from ABC Channel 7 News.

Delivery Van Driver Texts and Nearly Collides With Vehicle Up Ahead

This DriveCam video shows a delivery van driver texting while driving and subsequently almosts collides with another vehicle making a left-hand turn up ahead. Your drivers have a huge impact on your operating costs. With DriveCam, reduce claims, fuel and maintenance costs. Call 866.419.5861 today or click here for details.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road, Your Hands Upon the Wheel

Multi-tasking while driving has become common and is a major factor in driver distraction. Drivers are multi-tasking because they are required to do more in the same allotted time. Drivers use "windshield time" to talk on the phone, catch-up on e-mails, scan documents while driving to meetings, and eat when running behind schedule.

Texting While Driving: A Major No-No!

Texting while driving, one of the latest forms of driver distraction, poses significant accident risks and has gained the attention of lawmakers developing anti-texting laws.