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City of San Diego

Knowledge Sharing Video: John Clements

As part of Government Fleet's Knowledge Sharing video series, John Clements, retired fleet manager, passes along knowledge he has acquired throughout his fleet career. He discusses changing vehicle technologies, lack of funding, motivating employees, and trying to do too much.

8 Cities Launch Alt-Fuel Municipal Fleet Initiative

Eight cities have banded together to launch the Energy Secure Cities Coalition (ESCC), a group dedicated to transitioning their municipal fleets from petroleum-fueled vehicles to vehicles powered by alternative fuels.

San Diego Sets Green Fleet Targets

The San Diego City Council has approved the mayor's climate plan that calls for the city to eventually convert a majority of its fleet vehicles to electrified powertrains, and cycle out diesel-powered refuse trucks for cleaner-burning fuels over the next several decades.

GFX Road Show 2014: City of San Diego, Calif.

In early May, Government Fleet staff headed out to six facilities in the Southern California area to promote the Government Fleet Expo & Conference (GFX) in San Diego and to show GFX attendees the workings of some local fleets. The City of San Diego fleet consists of 4,020 units and employs 170 people. Deputy Director of Fleet Services John Clements gave GF staff a tour of the facility. To view additional Road Show coverage, including photo galleries of other fleets and a video, click here.

Toyota Donates 34 Vehicles to Calif. Lifeguards

Toyota has donated 34 new Toyota trucks and SUVs to the City of San Diego, Calif., for lifeguard rescue and operations. The new vehicles include 15 Tacomas, 12 Tundras, three 4Runners, three Sequoias, and a RAV4.

San Diego Shuns In-House Ambulance Fleet

A bid by San Diego's disgraced mayor to offer city ambulance service rather than allowing outsourced management by a private company has been shelved by the city's interim mayor.