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Fleets Downsize to Streamline Cost

Across the country, municipal fleets are trimming their vehicles and their staffs to meet increasingly tight budgets. While this may seem a hardship to some, others take this as a cue to operate more efficiently.

September 1, 1999

Surfox Weld Electro-Cleaning System

Surfox Weld Electro-Cleaning System

Walter Surface Technologies announced improvements to its Surfox weld electro-cleaning system. The company is offering three new models in the U.S.: the 204, designed for a wide variety of jobs; the 104, designed for production work; and the mini, a light and portable machine ideal for on-site jobs, touch-ups, and repairs.

September 24, 2012

BVRLA Optimistic About 2013 UK Fleet Market

The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) has started 2013 on an optimistic note, reporting that 2013 started with 2.75 member fleet vehicles, it's highest level ever.

January 16, 2013

UAE's Gargash Enterprises Switches Fleet to Biodiesel

Gargash Enterprises has pledged support to HH Shaikh Mohammed’s "UAE Strategy for Green Development" campaign with the introduction of the first new commercial vehicle in the UAE running on biodiesel to reduce carbon emissions.

January 30, 2013

Sacramento Takes the Green Leap

Sacramento Takes the Green Leap

Over the past few years, the City of Sacramento has pioneered a number of alternative-fuel programs, including the use of renewable natural gas produced by food waste.

March 18, 2014

Denver to Use Biodiesel in 60 City Vehicles

DENVER -- The City of Denver will begin using biodiesel, an alternative fuel, in 60 city vehicles as part of a pilot project unveiled this year on Earth Day, according to the Rocky Mountain News newspaper.

June 16, 2004

ASE Offers Training, Certification for Repair Technicians

CLIFTON PARK, NY &#151 The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) offers testing and certification for automotive repair technicians in an effort to improve the quality of vehicle repair and service in the U.S. Upon passing at least one ASE exam, and providing proof of two years of related work experience, a technician becomes ASE certified.

September 20, 2004

Wash. Gov. Honors University Motor Pool for Pollution Prevention

OLYMPIA, WA - Gov. Gary Locke has honored the University of Washington´s (UW) Motor Pool with the Governor´s Award for Pollution Prevention and Sustainable Practices. David Carr is the manager of motor pool operations for the University of Washington.

November 29, 2004

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