The match looks good on paper: the fleet management company (FMC) offers comprehensive services, 24-hour support, and even consultative services at the right price.

In reality, the relationship isn’t working. Communication is spotty, with long wait times on the support line and upselling of additional services when you do connect, and the consultative services are cookie cutter, and not geared for a fleet whose business needs individualized solutions to meet its ever-evolving operation.

This disconnect between business cultures will ultimately result in frustration and stagnation for the fleet as it struggles to work with an FMC who acts as a vendor not a partner.

The reality is that not every FMC is the right fit for every fleet. That’s why — when evaluating a potential FMC partner or evaluating a current FMC relationship — it’s imperative to make sure that there is a cultural fit.

By BBL Fleet