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4 Ways Telematics Can Improve Fleet Maintenance

4 Ways Telematics Can Improve Fleet Maintenance

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4 Ways Telematics Can Improve Fleet Maintenance

With vehicle maintenance becoming more complex and expensive, government fleets need tools to spot trouble before it can become a costly, time-consuming emergency.

In some cases, parts take longer to service or require electronic diagnostics, whereas their older
counterparts do not. Combined with skilled-technician shortages, all of this means that maintenance
can be difficult to manage.

A telematics solution can give fleet managers the kind of edge he or she needs to keep vehicles up and running and safe while they’re used to serve the public.

There are four crucial ways that fleet can leverage their telematics solution to improve vehicle maintenance and uptime, including:

  • Monitoring vehicle health in real time via trouble codes
  • Having access to extra data points beyond mileage and trouble codes
  • Accurately tracking vehicle service history
  • Using telematics to monitor driver behavior with an aim to decrease vehicle wear and tear

A comprehensive fleet management system can minimize the complexities of managing vehicle maintenance. When the system tracks service schedules and provides alerts and reminders for you, your mechanics can focus on the job at hand.

By Verizon Connect