May 2018

Cover Story

A Look at the Next Generation of Trucks

Many OEMs have revealed their newest truck models for 2019 and beyond. These new models boost performance and driver comfort, adding new features that increase efficiency and fit a variety of applications.


A Carrier That Fits in Tight Spaces

Pictured is the standard RT6 closed cab unit with a convertible dump-to-flat bed. Photo courtesy...

The Terramac RT6 has the ability to support attachments such as digger derricks, concrete mixers, vacuum excavation units, personnel carriers, and hydroseeding units, making it the “Swiss army knife” of vehicles.


What’s the Future for CNG?

Adopting CNG comes with a high investment. The City of Phoenix had to change the layout of its...

Years of low gasoline prices have caused a perceived shift away from compressed natural gas. How has this shift changed the way fleets plan for the future?