HARRISBURG, PA – Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is now accepting applications for its Natural Gas Vehicle Grant program, which will give up to $20 million during the next three years to pay for incremental purchase or conversion costs for natural gas-fueled heavy-duty fleet vehicles.

Out of the grant funding available, $5 million is for is for public transportation, port and redevelopment authorities, state-owned or state-related universities, commonwealth or municipal authorities, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, non-profit agencies providing public transportation services, non-profit organizations, for-profit companies, and local transportation organizations.

Pennsylvania’s DEP plans to make $7.5 million more in funding available in the second year and $2.5 million in the third year. Fleet vehicles eligible to participate in the program must weigh at least 14,000 lbs. and be fueled with compressed natural gas or liquefied natural gas. Bi-fuel vehicles are eligible, too.

DEP stated it will cap grants awards at 50% of the incremental purchase or retrofit cost for each vehicle, with a maximum grant value of $25,000 per vehicle. For the first year, DEP said applications are due on Feb. 1, 2013. The department plans to awards grants in late March, 2013.

To learn more about the program and complete the online grant application, visit www.dep.state.pa.us and click on the "Natural Gas Vehicle Grant Program" button.