PROVIDENCE, RI – The State of Rhode Island, on behalf of State Fleet Operations, is currently seeking bids for MY-2013 alternative-fuel vehicles. According to ecoRInews, this is the first time the State is including electric vehicles its annual purchase and allowing other government agencies to purchase from the contract. The news source also states that the State hopes to transition 20% of its 1,200-unit fleet to run on fuel efficient vehicles or alternative fuels, but it has not yet set a timeline for completion.

The contract asks dealers or OEM representatives to quote prices for vehicles in a list spanning five pages long consisting of vehicles from numerous manufacturers. In the all-electric vehicle category, the solicitation seeks bids for the Ford Focus, Nissan Leaf, and Honda Fit. Plug-in electric vehicle quotes requested are the Chevrolet Volt, Ford C-Max, Toyota Prius, and Ford Fusion. Other alternative-fuel vehicles solicited are hybrid passenger vehicles and trucks, flex-fuel vehicles, CNG and bi-fuel CNG vehicles.

All cities, towns, schools, and quasi-public agencies can piggyback off the contract and pay the amount quoted to the State

The solicitation closes Dec. 21. The full solicitation can be found here.