EDMONDS, WA – The City of Edmonds, Wash., is in the process of converting 17 of its fleet vehicles to run on propane autogas, according to a release from Alliance Autogas. The City is converting 16 Crown Victoria police vehicles and a Public Works truck.

Once all 17 autogas vehicles are up and running, the City will save around $60,000 on fuel costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 40 tons annually, according to the release.

Blue Star Gas, a partner in the international Alliance AutoGas network, coordinated vehicle conversions, on-site fueling, operational and safety training, and ongoing technical support. Carburetor Connection, another network member, handles installation of the autogas vehicle conversion kits using the bi-fuel Prins VSI system.

Other fleets in the area working with Blue Star Gas to convert to propane autogas include Seattle Children’s Hospital and Sea-Tac Airport’s MasterPark shuttle fleet.