TORRANCE, CAGovernment Fleet has launched a five-part how-to video series on data use and presenting fleet benchmarking information following the popularity of Aaron Alvarado’s 2012 Government Fleet Expo & Conference (GFX) session on fleet benchmarking. Alvarado, fleet manager for the City of Tempe, Ariz., will show viewers how to use exported data from any fleet management information system (FMIS) and put the data into an understandable, eye-appealing format.

“There are many data sources out there today, and various means out output. However, in my experience, no matter how you generate the charts and graphs, it is fundamentally still your data that must be put into a usable context,” Alvarado said. “Being able to export data from your auto-generated charts will enhance your credibility within the organization and take your fleet operation to the next level.”

Alvarado introduces the video series in the video below.

The first video goes through creating a presentable graph recording idle times using data exported into Excel.

Visit the website on Mondays or check out Monday eNewsletters to see the newest videos. Next week, Alvarado will discuss how to embed an interactive Excel file into a Powerpoint for final viewing.