FRANKFORT, KY – The Kentucky Cabinets for Energy, Environment and Public Protection (EEC PPC) right-sized their two motor pools during the last two years by 28% by adopting a fleet and motor pool software solution from Agile Access Control.

Kentucky’s General Administration and Program Support department wanted to find a way to more effectively manage the 1,400 vehicles used by EEC PPC. The organization used to manage its motor pools manually with white boards and paper forms to track vehicle reservations, worker orders, to enforce policy, and monitor fuel purchases. The organization implemented Agile’s FleetCommander fleet and motor pool software in 2010 and has seen results.

First, the department reduced the sizes of its two original motor pools by 28%. Next, it moved underutilized vehicles from one site to another. The software also allowed them to eliminate double booking, eliminate having to reimburse employees for personal vehicle use due to greater pool vehicle availability, and reduced administrators’ workload. The system also provided automated reporting capabilities and helped the department collect accurate odometer figures in order to allow preventive maintenance scheduling.

“The EEC PPC required its drivers to account for vehicle usage on a daily basis, including fuel transactions, odometers, vehicle usage type, and more. Our team created a custom mileage and daily use form that collects the information and provides a Mileage Transaction Summary report that offers a look at the cost of ownership of these vehicles,” said Ed Smith, President of Agile.

The State of West Virginia is a state entity that adopted this motor pool solution in 2012.