ANN ARBOR, MI – The University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor (U-M Ann Arbor) campus received three additional hybrid electric buses in September, which brings the total fleet size of hybrid buses to seven. U-M has a total of 42 buses in its fleet.

According to the University, the four hybrid buses that have been operating in the fleet since the spring have produced a 30% improvement in fuel economy over previous diesel models and reduced emissions by the same percentage. The University stated that this acquisition is part of its goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. University officials estimate the seven buses will save $44,000 costs in fuel annually. Each bus use a roof-mounted battery system.

U-M also purchased 30 hybrid sedans for its fleet, which brings its hybrid electric passenger vehicle fleet to a total of 56. U-M operates a number of alternative-fuel vehicles, with a total of 526 capable of running on E-85, 96 using biodiesel, and 15 all-electric vehicles, in addition to the hybrid sedans. The University stated that renewable energy sources make up 17% of the total energy used for transportation at the school.