FORT COLLINS, CO – Larimer County, Colo., has changed its Fleet Services Department into a “utility governed by a governing board.” This change is designed to provide oversight and guidance for the department, according to the County. The group that will provide oversight is called the Fleet Customer Advocacy Board (CAB). The County stated that it spent a year rewriting the Fleet Operations Policy.

“The change to the entrepreneurial model is huge for Larimer County. Under this model, the delivery of fleet services will be driven by the customer for the customer,” said Drew Davis, Public Works Business Analyst. “Through the CAB, customers will be able determine what services they wish to buy and how the services will be delivered.”

The CAB will work in a partnership to manage the catalog of fleet vehicles, equipment, and service-level agreements with County customers. The County stated the catalog provides a preferred selection of fleet vehicle and equipment used by County departments. County customers will use the catalog to select replacement and fleet equipment. According to the County, this will encourage telecommuting, using public transportation, and other alternatives to driving to meetings, along with commercial rental and leasing rather than asset ownership.

The new policy also establishes minimum usage goals and related requirements for purchase and ownership of fleet assets.