ODESSA, TX – Ector County, Texas, issued a request for proposal (RFP) for fleet and equipment maintenance and management services in September. Due Oct. 12, the RFP seeks all management and maintenance services, including preventive maintenance, general repairs, acquisition and use of the County’s parts inventory, and other related functions.

According to the proposal, the County operates a centralized fleet and equipment maintenance and management program of approximately 300 units. These comprise of 126 automobiles and light trucks/SUVs/vans, and the remainder are heavy trucks, equipment, trailers, etc. Most vehicles are used for law enforcement and maintenance/administrative duties. The proposal also states the proposer will be able to use, at no cost, the Equipment Services facilities, where the County performs vehicle maintenance. Equipment Services buildings measure 12,386 square feet, which include the main building and a welding/tire shop building.

The County has currently budgeted a “project manager,” a secretary/parts clerk, two mechanics (one for light equipment and one for heavy equipment), two lube technicians, and one tire repair technician. Some of these positions have been vacant on and off for more than a year, according to Kenneth Lind, Ector County purchasing agent.

According a news article in the Odessa American, the County has not had any mechanics since June, after two fleet employees, one of which was a supervisor, were fired for “supposed misconduct.”

In an e-mail to GF, Lind stated that fleet functions, including maintenance and state inspections are being outsourced to various companies throughout the County, with the Purchasing Department and the Highways and Streets superintendent managing the contracts. He further stated that the County did recently hire and is training the parts clerk.

“Some Highways and Streets staff have been helping on some of the mechanic [work],” he wrote.

The RFP states that the proposer will interview current county staff for the open positions, and the proposer will be able to choose the potential employees.

The County’s current software is with Ron Turley Associates. The proposer has the option to use this existing software or use its own.

Lind expects RFP review and negotiations to take two months and for the chosen vendor to start 90 days after selection.

By Thi Dao