ALBUQUERQUE, NM – A new report from consulting company Matrix Consulting Group, commissioned by the City to find ways to streamline operations, stated in a preliminary report that the City should reduce its fleet’s size by 660 vehicles out of a total of 3,300 currently in operation (20 percent).

The report noted the City's fleet is aging, with the median age of many vehicles at least a year or two past the age specified in each vehicle type’s replacement guidelines. The Matrix Consulting Group stated that the vehicles it recommended eliminating include those in the 25th percentile of each vehicle class (or less).

The Group said reasons for the reduction include the higher maintenance costs associated with older vehicles and continuing asset depreciation even after a fleet asset is paid for.

If the City does reduce the fleet by this size, it would have to implement a pool fleet or provide mileage reimbursement, according to the report.

The consulting company noted that this report is a draft and that its recommendations could change as the City reviews the report over the next few months.

This report follows an internal audit of the City's fire department fleet earlier this year.

By Greg Basich