CEDAR RAPIDS, IA - Collective Data Inc., a provider of fleet and asset management software solutions, has officially released Core Update 6.0.32, a software update that provides a variety of new functionality and enhancements to its comprehensive system.

Features in the latest update include improvements to report email options, an easy-to-use ad-hoc import module, user vs. global save options for desktops, filters, and ad-hoc reports, and other beneficial improvements. The update is compatible with all applications powered by Collective Data’s core6 and is provided free-of-charge to customers on active support contracts.

"The latest update to our technology offers some important and highly anticipated new features to our applications," said Jason Wonase, president & CEO of Collective Data. "Collective Data strives to include a perfect balance between user requested and innovative features with the only goal of bettering the experience for our clients."