HARRISBURG, PA – The State of Pennsylvania has auctioned a total of 510 vehicles as part of the State’s effort to make its fleet more efficient and cost-effective. The proceeds from the auction totaled $1.7 million, according to Troy Thompson, a spokesman from the Pennsylvania Department of General Services. The State’s General Services Secretary Sheri Phillips said this auction was one of the largest the State has conducted.

“As we move forward with our efforts to make Pennsylvania’s vehicle fleet more efficient and cost-effective, we will continue to sell our older vehicles as they are replaced by newer vehicles or removed from the fleet altogether in the interest of cost-reduction,” Thompson said.

Out of that total, 126 vehicles were “frontline ready” vehicles acquired by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for a road-widening project. The State put 520 vehicles up for auction, and the remaining 10 will go on sale at the State’s upcoming October 15 auction.

By Greg Basich