<p>The dispatch solution in the NexTraq fleet management platform.</p>

TOWSON, MD – Baltimore County, Md., has implemented a fleet tracking and dispatch system for 651 of its vehicles. The County is using NexTraq’s web-based fleet management solution, and its goal is to have installed the GPS tracking technology component of the solution in 2,000 of its vehicles by the beginning of 2013.

The County started the process of implementing this solution back in 2008. Originally, the County wanted to eliminate unauthorized use of its vehicles and track its snow plows.

"The County initially rolled out the NexTraq platform to the Public Works vehicles in 2008," said Chip Hiebler, Senior Project Manager for Baltimore County. "Seeing the potential value of vehicle location and tracking, the County rolled the platform out to a couple of other Agencies. We didn't utilize the system to its fullest potential when it was initially implemented."

The original program with the Public Works vehicles went on for a few years until the County took another look at their fleet needs.

"Beginning last year, as we began to mobilize our workforce, we re-examined the NexTraq platform and realized it met our needs on several levels, especially with the addition of Fleet Dispatch," Hiebler said. "Executive level management realized the advantages and potential cost savings that could be realized by implementing the NexTraq system, and as a result decided to equip all County vehicles by December 2013."

The system has worked well for the County. Dana Walker, Project Portfolio Manager for Baltimore County said the Alert function in the system helps the County manage and deal with any driver speeding issues. Rob Stradling, CIO of Baltimore County, said the reporting functions, such as the Idle Report, have helped the County reduce its fuel costs and carbon emissions.

“We saw results quickly. As an organization, we have virtually eliminated unauthorized vehicle use while increasing our fleet’s efficiency and decreasing fuel costs,” said Hiebler. “We have also been able to optimize our routes for better service with the ClearPath routing functionality and Fleet Dispatch application in each Agency where we’ve implemented.”

"We are continuing full speed ahead on maximizing the operational efficiencies of government operations in challenging economic times," the County's Stradling added. 

Updated 7/26/2012, 1:01 p.m.  Added additional information from Chip Hiebler and Rob Stradling.