DETROIT – The governors of Colorado and Oklahoma, John Hickenlooper and Mary Fallin, respectively, visited Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors in Detroit on July 16 in an effort to promote development of natural gas vehicle technology, specifically a vehicle that state fleets can use that can also meet public demand. 

This meeting follows a Memorandum of Understanding between 13 U.S. states that plan to issue a formal solicitation for their state fleets later this summer. According to Colorado’s governor’s office, other states plan to participate in this solicitation as well but have not been formally announced.

“Natural gas vehicles provide clean, affordable transportation that can increase our nation’s energy security and bolster economic development,” Hickenlooper said. “We believe there will is strong interest in natural gas vehicles and we want to leverage the collective purchasing power of state fleets to jumpstart that market. These meetings will help establish a mutually beneficial partnership between the 13 states on the agreement and the auto companies.”

The 13 states currently participating include Colorado; Oklahoma; Kentucky; Louisiana; Maine; Mississippi; New Mexico; Ohio; Pennsylvania; Texas; Utah; West Virginia; and Wyoming.