DENVER – At Government Fleet Expo & Conference 2012 (GFX), a number of companies showed products they had introduced recently or within the last 12 months. Following are descriptions of the products from the 15 companies highlighted as having new products at GFX 2012.

Agile FleetShare

Agile's company’s car-sharing technology allows drivers who have checked out a car to swipe a FleetShare card at the windshield for access to the vehicle. The system collects driver statistics, automates billing, and ties an online reservation form with the FleetCommander fleet and motor pool software.

Chevin Fleet Solutions FleetWave Update

The latest version of Chevin’s FleetWave fleet management system features an updated, easier to use interface that provides “wizards” that guide users through the creation of different types of reports. This allows users to easily create their own Key Performance Indicators and produce a wide range of charts and graphs. Chevin said FleetWave is database-independent and scalable solution, ideal for larger fleets and multi-location fleets.

Felling Trailers Tilt Slide Axle

The company brought its Tilt Slide Axle products to GFX. The primary applications for the FT-80-3 Tilt Slide Axle (TSA) include recovery, towing equipment, and moving ISO containers. The FT-80-3 TSA runs on two “V” rollers and six flat rollers and has a remote control option. It is available in three load capacities and has a 6-7° load angle. Its cylinders are contracted when in transport position and extend to slide the axles forward so that they are protected from salt and other elements.

FoxTrax Asset Trackers

FoxTrax showed its new AT tracking solutions track, which allow users to track fixed and mobile assets such as generators, trailers, and construction equipment. The new Asset Tracker devices come installed with an extended battery life of up to three years in a rugged, water- and dust-resistant case. These new models are: Spider AT 3000 with daily reporting; Spider AT 3010 model with a minimum 5-minute reporting interval, and dynamic geo-fence reporting; and the Spider AT 4000 model, which features a 5-minute reporting interval with dynamic geo-fence reporting. This model is wired directly to the vehicle’s electrical system and uses the internal battery only in the event of external power loss.

E.J. Ward CANceiver W4 Fuel and GPS Tracking Solution

E.J. Ward showed its new CANceiver W4, which combines fleet fueling data from vehicles and drivers into an all-in-one device. It allows fleets to fully automate fueling, vehicle tracking, driver performance, and tire pressure data in a single vehicle interface unit. This device, which is designed for light-duty or heavy-duty applications, is installed in a vehicle and downloads information from the vehicle while it’s fueling, for example the vehicle’s location and how much fuel it used, to E.J. Ward’s fuel management system. Data requested is selectable from the Fuel View user interface and can be changed via Over-the-Air reprogramming.

GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution Dashboard Update

The company demonstrated the new dashboard interface for its Web-based fleet management and dispatch system. The new user interface is highly customizable. Users can drag and drop “dashlets,” which feature specific data, to different parts of the interface to arrange things so they are easy to access. Users can also create an unlimited number of custom dashboard configurations that they can save and re-use. Other features include a map legend (color-coded dots) that users can configure to reflect an organization’s policies for items such as idle time, time stopped, and speed limits. Next, when a user creates a report, the system saves that data so the next time the user accesses that report, he or she can see the parameters entered.

Gray Oil Company DFS 910 Diesel EGR and Injector Service

The DFS 910 is designed to clean the fuel system on diesel engines without mechanical strip-down of the injectors or the pump.

A specially formulated cleaning fuel is circulated through the fuel system while the vehicle is running. This isolates the injector pump, lines, and injectors, allowing the cleaning system to remove contaminants from the fuel system and combustion chamber.

idrive IDrive D4 Event Recording System

idrive introduced its new IDrive D4 event recording system, which integrates with its in-vehicle camera IDrive X1 Behavior Modification System. The D4 can record up to 500 gb of data, giving users access to video recordings before and after specific events captured by the X1. Event data and video is accessible via the web and via iPad and iPhone applications, which gives users the ability to view events in their fleet no matter where he or she is physically located.

INVERS KeyManager

INVERS showed its new Indoor KeyManager, which the company said is ideal for customers with large fleets in central locations. The optional key locking feature prevents drivers from taking the wrong key, which is useful when operating vehicles without the onboard computer and vehicle immobilization.

Interstate Batteries 31-AGM7 Battery

Interstate Batteries showed its new 31-AGM7 battery at GFX. This battery is designed to work more effectively with vehicles equipped with auto start-stop technology. The battery features Interstate’s Pure Matrix technology, which provides high cranking power for reliable starts, and long-lasting reserve power for on-board accessories, according to Interstate. The company said the battery charges faster than a conventional alloy AGM battery; can be left uncharged for up to two years at 67 degrees F and perform at the same level; and is non-spillable and non-gassing, making it safe for the passenger compartment.

Magellan RoadMate Commercial Navigators

The GPS system allows fleets to plan routes based on a vehicle’s profile and driver’s preference. Multiple drivers can log in to input hours of service and record mileage. The Magellan RoadMate Commercial 9270T-LM features an extra-large 7-inch screen; customizable truck routes; is compliance-ready; and uses Bluetooth technology. The Magellan RoadMate Commercial 5190T features a 5-inch hi-resolution WVGA screen; a OneTouch “favorites” menu; truck-specific routing; and vehicle profile setting.

Online auction company PropertyRoom exhibited at GFX, noting that the company now has a National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) contract, which allows municipalities and other government entities that are members of NJPA to auction their fleet vehicles (via PropertyRoom’s Copart partnership) and other items (via PropertyRoom). Recent contracts include New York City, which has saved the City millions of dollars in fees related to managing their own auctions of City property.

Raybestos Brake & Chassis Patrol/Pursuit Brake Package

Raybestos said it developed its Police Fleet Braking System specifically for the 2012 Chevrolet Caprice pursuit vehicle, according to the company. The product line incorporates the company’s patented “QOA” Quiet-on-Arrival technology. For the rotors, for example, damped iron metallurgy reduces vibration and suppresses noise, the rotors have a specific Weight for police use that is designed to better dissipate heat, and each has a polymer coating that serves as "coat of armor"against elements.

SpitzLift SAT550-S Telescoping Hoist

SpitzLift brought its new portable SAT550-S telescoping hoist to GFX. This lightweight hoist weighs less than 100 lbs., including the mounting kit. The new also model features webbing rather than cable, and provides a 550 lb. lift capacity. The crane can be moved from one vehicle to another, is height adjustable, provides a remote for operation, and can run on a battery pack.

Zonar V2J GPS & Vehicle Diagnostics

The V2J combines real-time delivery of vehicle condition with performance data. The system can capture five types of vehicle-related data: latitude, longitude, time, odometer, and fuel. It also provides real-time transmission of vehicle subsystem data, such as fault codes transmitted instantly to the fleet manager.