SPRINGFIELD, IL – The State of Illinois’ Senate has passed a bill, HB5650, which would result in the creation of a formal vehicle use policy for State fleet vehicles, establish restrictions on fleet purchases by State agencies, and require agencies to share vehicle cost data with the public.

The “State Vehicle Use Act,” named in the bill, would also establish a reimbursement policy for cases where a State employee uses a personal vehicle instead of a State-owned fleet vehicle.

Other provisions of the bill would require the Illinois Department of Central Management Services to evaluate GPS systems for use in State vehicles and would require that department to make vehicle cost data and annual vehicle breakeven analysis available on its website.

To ensure this data is available, the bill would require the Department of Central Management Services to give State agencies a way to submit this data (via a spreadsheet or other means). Agencies would be responsible for the data’s accuracy.

Lastly, the bill bars the department from buying new vehicles until the department creates procedures that require a breakeven analysis before purchasing a vehicle. If a vehicle doesn’t meet or exceed a breakeven analysis, the manager of the Division of Vehicles would have to approve the purchase after receiving an explanation justifying the purchase from the head of the agency buying the vehicle.

The bill passed the Senate on May 22 and now goes to the House for consideration. If passed, these rules would go into effect on January 1, 2013.

By Greg Basich