BARTLETT, IL - Auto Truck Group (ATG) has been awarded ship-through status at its Auto Truck-Chicago location for a number of Chrysler law enforcement vehicles, including the Charger Police Pursuit sedan, the Durango Special Service SUV, and the Ram Special Service pickup truck.

ATG handles upfitting of vehicles, and for law-enforcement models, these upfits could include partitions, camera systems, weapon storage systems, gun locks, sirens, seating, consoles, and decals. After a fleet orders vehicles from Chrysler, ATG upfits them and then sends them back to the factory so the automaker can enter them into their transportation system.

“The vehicles arrive at the customer ‘job ready’,” says Lou Selvaggio, of Auto Truck Group’s Safety Equipment Sales Department. “Additionally, the fleet manager is able to control equipment installation schedules by prioritizing production schedules. This helps to accommodate specific field requirements.”

Auto Truck Group’s ship-through code for the new Chrysler vehicles is T9559.