WASHINGTON – The U.S. National Park Service (NPS) released a new document detailing its “Green Parks Plan,” which sets a range of sustainability goals for its organization.

One goal involves changing its member parks’ fleets, replacing existing vehicles with fuel-efficient, low greenhouse gas-emitting models. NPS’ plan stated it will reduce vehicle miles traveled by park employees, in addition to adding different types of fleet vehicles.

The program’s objectives include evaluating the size, types of vehicles, and technologies used in its fleet, reducing fossil fuel consumption by 20% by 2015 (compared to a 2005 baseline), supporting alternative commuting practices (including telecommuting), and working to reduce GHG emissions from office travel.

Some of these goals were set by a presidential memorandum on federal fleet performance in 2011, which requires federal agencies to conduct a right-sizing analysis and achieve any targets determined by 2015.

In April, the NPS issued a release stating the Department of Energy had awarded $505,000 to Mammoth Cave National Park for the purchase of high-efficiency vehicles to replace older models.