CHANTILLY, VA - Key departments within the Commonwealth of Kentucky have achieved significant efficiencies in the way they do their work and manage their vehicle fleets. The Kentucky Department of Agriculture deployed FleetCommander fleet and motor pool software in 2009, with the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet and Public Protection Cabinet (EECPPC) soon following suit using expanded capabilities, according to a release from  Agile Access Control, Inc., creator of FleetCommander fleet and motor pool software.

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture uses FleetCommander fleet and motor pool technologies to manage the maintenance and fuel of its 225 assigned vehicles spread across the State's 120 counties. A key function of the Department of Agriculture is to enforce fuel regulations and measurements, as well as test octane levels. Its retail gas dispenser and meter inspection program is responsible for the testing of the retail motor fuel to ensure that the quantity delivered is accurate and that the total price is computed correctly. Department inspectors serve both consumers and businesses by assuring equity in the marketplace. With more than 4,000 work orders and 350 service providers located across the State, the Agriculture Department needed a way to efficiently manage the maintenance activities for its vehicles. Fuel purchases, odometer readings, and fuel product selection are all tracked through FleetCommander.

"With FleetCommander, we keep track of more than 55,000 fuel records, and are able to get a clear picture of how much we are spending on fuel, and make decisions based on that information," said Steve Minter, of the Department of Agriculture's Office of Consumer and Environmental Protection.

The Kentucky General Administration and Program Support for Shared Services (GAPS) sought out FleetCommander because it was looking for an efficient way to manage its approximately 1,400 vehicle assets used by the Kentucky Cabinets for the EECPPC. In the past, the organizations used white boards and paper forms to keep track of fuel purchases, work orders, vehicle reservations, policy enforcement, and other information.

The EECPPC drastically cut down on the man-hours needed to track the activities of the more than 1,000 assigned vehicles, as well as the more than 110 vehicles in their motor pool. In addition, the organization needed to track vehicle usage on a daily basis in order to trigger maintenance reminders.

"The EECPPC required its drivers to account for vehicle usage on a daily basis, including fuel transactions, odometers, vehicle usage type, and more. Our team created a custom mileage and daily use form that collects the information and provides a Mileage Transaction Summary report that offers a look at the cost of ownership of these vehicles," Ed Smith said. "When maintenance and depreciation costs can total $5,000 a year per vehicle, it's pretty important to know that the State has the correct number of vehicles and that costs for fuel fall within expected ranges.”

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