CONCORD, NH – The State of New Hampshire’s Senate approved a bill that would require State employees to pay mileage reimbursement for personal use of State-owned vehicles. The bill said employees would reimburse the State via a payroll deduction at the IRS’ standard rate (currently $0.55 per mile), according to the text of the bill.

The New Hampshire Department of Administrative Services stated that in FY-2011, State agencies reported a total of 1,692,805 non-business use miles, though 286,921 miles were from vehicles that have been repurposed, for a net total of 1,405,884 miles.

Changing the policy would require hiring an additional payroll officer for the Department of Administrative Services, though the bill itself doesn’t provide funding for that position.

Although the bill passed the Senate, it now goes on to the New Hampshire House of Representatives for review.