DIAMOND BAR, CA - The Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee's (MSRC) 2011-2012 Work Program has more than $26 million in funding available for four program categories and more than a dozen eligible projects designed to reduce harmful emissions from mobile sources. Fleets that own and operate vehicles within the goegraphical jurisdiction of the South Coast Air Quality Mangement District (AQMD) are eligible.

The Infrastructure Program is offering $4.8 million in funding for CNG fueling stations and facility modifications. Two new opportunities are available under this program - an incentive of up to 50 percent of maintenance facility modification costs, not to exceed $75,000, and a $100,000 station funding bonus for facilities where more than 50 percent of the natural gas comes from renewable sources. The deadline is Sept. 28. More information can be found here.

The $6.5 million Local Government Match Program provides a "dollar-for-dollar" match to local agencies using their AB 2766 funds for projects such as new alternative fuel stations, upgrades and expansion of existing stations, existing maintenance facility upgrades, mobile hydrogen refueling, public electric vehicle charging stations, and heavy- and medium-duty alternative fuel vehicles. Applicants can submit applications April 10 to June 8. Funding is on a first-come, first-serve basis. More information can be found here.

Another program category is the $9.5 million Vehicle and Advanced Technology Program for vehicle retrofits, replacements, and technology demonstration. Funding is available to replace medium-duty vehicles. Other eligible projects include on-road heavy-duty vehicle replacement and repowers, the purchase of new CNG school buses and repowers for older CNG school buses to extend the lives of these vehicles, and a demonstration of the Cummins 11.9L advanced natural gas engine. The "Showcase III" program also falls under this program category, which provides funding to retrofit off-road heavy duty vehicles to demonstrate new technology to clean up dirty diesel construction equipment. Applications for the Alternative Fuel Engines for On-Road Heavy-Duty Vehicles are accepted April 5 to June 1. Incentives for the purchase of "Near-Zero Emission" medium- and heavy-duty vehicles are due Sept. 28.

The Transportation Control Measures Program has $5.5 million in funding for projects aimed at curbing single-occupancy vehicle use in order to cut down on traffic congestion and reduce emissions.