STAPLES, MN - In response to a national competitive bid, the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) announced that CST Fleet Services has been awarded the contract for fleet Professional Consulting Services. The contract (# 110811-CST) was approved by the Board of Directors on January 17, 2012. CST consulting services are now available to all NJPA Member agencies.

“The CST Fleet Services contract represents and demonstrates the exceptional quality and performance that our members have come to expect from NJPA contracts”, stated NJPA Director of Contracts and Marketing Mike Hajek. “The CST Fleet Services contract broadens the depth and breadth of our competitively awarded products and services for the fleet community.”

With a focus on being of service and “teaching the customer what we know,” based on our work in the fleet industry over the last 40 years, CST provides a wide array of fleet management expertise concentrating upon operational efficiency improvements and cost savings initiatives.

Says Jon White, Partner: “We are very enthusiastic about this contract. We can now immediately offer any NJPA member any of the following services: equipment and asset management, fleet right sizing, fleet consolidation, maintenance and fuel management, metric comparisons, system requirements and specifications, diagnostic technologies, carbon footprint / greenhouse gas calculations and forecasting.”

The staff of CST Fleet Services evaluates your fleet operations against industry best practices and comparable metrics to lay a foundation for operational improvements and cost savings. Using its “What if……Modeling tools, CST helps management forecast the impact of decisions before actually pulling the switch.