LAS VEGAS – The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized Clark County, Nev., for eliminating the use of lead wheel weights in its fleet. The County eliminated approximately 1,404 lbs. from County vehicles. Clark County began phasing out the use of lead weights in 2009 while participating in the EPA’s National Partnership for Environmental Priorities Program. The County completed the transition in 2011.

“Clark County is a leader in implementing programs and practices that promote a clean, green environment,” said Clark County Commission Chair Susan Brager. “We applaud our Automotive Division’s efforts to eliminate lead from use in our fleet.”

The County also noted that its 2,745-vehicle fleet is powered by alternative fuels, including GDiesel, a low-emission fuel made from conventional low-sulfur diesel and natural gas. The County has 537 hybrid vehicles. Another 451 vehicles use reformulated gasoline (RFG), and 38 vehicles run on a combination of compressed natural gas and RFG.