YONKERS, NY – The City of Yonkers has updated its policies on City-owned take-home cars, eliminating 40 vehicles from a total of 93 vehicles that City employees were allowed to take home. According to the City’s Mayor Mike Spano, this reduction in the number of allowed vehicles will save more than 100,000 miles in take-home usage.

This effort is part of the City’s “Comprehensive Asset Reduction Schedule” (CARS) program, which involves evaluating resources and expenses to cut costs.

The mayor’s office stated that as part of the first phase of the policy, the City will only assign take-home vehicles to department heads, commissioners, deputy commissioners, and mayoral staff who are on call 24 hours a day. In addition, this is only the first round of take-home vehicle cuts, as the City plans to phase out more vehicles over time.

Other changes to the Yonkers’ fleet include marking all City-owned vehicles with the City seal and official license plates. The mayor’s office also said it plans to auction or trade-in 50 vehicles from the fleet, and purchase more fuel-efficient vehicles.