CONCORD, NH - The New Hampshire Department of Administrative Services (DAS) submitted a report of all state fleet vehicles with non-business use exceeding 15 percent for fiscal-year 2011. Of the State's 1,884 light vehicles used by 14 departments, 233 have greater than 15-percent non-business use. A state commission has found non-business use of most these vehicles to be justified.

A senate bill signed in 2010 mandated that these vehicles are eligible for redistribution into a motor pool unless the agency assigned with the vehicle submits and receives a waiver. A waiver will be issued "if it is deemed to be in the best interest of the state," according to a statement from the Office of the Commissioner.

Fourteen waivers were denied and these vehicles will be redistributed. Twenty-five additional vehicles will be repurposed, and 10 more vehicles will be repurposed throughout the year.

The statement further notes that throughout FY-2011, agencies have tried to increase fleet efficiencies, seeking help and advice from Fleet Management. Some methods taken include revising utilization policies, reassigning vehicles, and creating motor pools. "Fleet pools have the greatest impact on reducing non-business use mileage," but this may affect immediate response services, the statement said. Agencies will not be able to determine how this will affect service until FY-2012.

The Department of Transportation, which accounts for 77 percent of the 233 vehicles reporting high non-business use, told the New Hampshire Watchdog that it was more cost effective to let employees drive vehicles from their homes to jobsites, rather than having them pick up a vehicle and pay them for the drive. The Watchdog published a series of articles about the State vehicles, which can be found here.