SACRAMENTO, CA – In a recent City of Sacramento City council meeting in late January, 2012, the council approved a number of fleet audit recommendations, which includes reducing the number of vehicles in the City’s fleet.

The City has a total of 2,400 fleet assets. The audit reviewed a total of 823 light-duty vehicles in the fleet. According to City Auditor Jorge Oseguera, the report found the City could potentially save $5.7 million by not replacing the 245 vehicles in the fleet that were each driven less than 6,000 miles in a year.

Oseguera said the City’s fleet management department has already requested that City departments turn in vehicles driven less than 3,000 miles annually.

In addition, the City council agreed with the audit recommendation to establish a policy for the take-home vehicles in the City’s fleet in order to reduce costs.

By Greg Basich