HEMPSTEAD, NY – The Town of Hampstead is using a wind turbine to power a system that generates hydrogen for the Town’s fuel-cell vehicles. The wind turbine stands 121 feet tall and can generate up to 180 megawatts of power per year, which will be used to power the only hydrogen fueling station on Long Island. The hydrogen fuel is used to power Toyota fuel-cell vehicles operated by the Town and a hydrogen/natural gas-fueled bus.

In terms of annual savings, the Town said it will have to calculate the amount of hydrogen fuel used and generated against hydrogen fuel prices on the open market.

The Town used funding for the turbine from a $4.6-million United States Department of Energy grant secured by the municipality. The turbine cost $615,000, and electrical and marine bulkheading work was performed by Town employees.

Other projects the Town is using for the grant include a solar field, two solar trackers, a solar-powered carport, and a geothermal energy project that will handle heating and cooling at the Town’s Conservation and Waterways facility.